Abhijeet Bhattacharya abuses his Pakistani critics after harassment claims go viral


Indian singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya went on an abusive rampage on Instagram after news of sexual harassment allegations against himstarted making the rounds.

When the harassment allegations made headlines, Abhijeet’s response was: “Most of the fat and ugly girls are blaming and I wasn’t born at that time.” The statement, predictably, drew widespread criticism on both sides of the border, which Abhijeet has been handling very poorly.

Far from apologising or taking time for to reflect on his words or actions, Abhijeet has instead been lashing out at commenters on Instagram, particularly Pakistanis, leaving hateful replies to comments that criticised his statement about his accusers.

The singer has been accused of sexual harassment by a former flight attendant at a Kolkata pub in 1998; she shared that Abhijeet grabbed her wrist and pulled her closer after she already refused to dance with him.

She further added that her saying no angered him and he screamed in her ear, “B***h, what do you think of yourself, wait till I teach you a lesson,” before almost kissing and nibbling her ear.

Bhattacharya has denied the allegations, stating that “she is blatant lying”.

“No one deserves (the attention). Just to grab some attention they are coming out. Most of the fat and ugly girls are blaming and I wasn’t born at that time.”

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